Our experience with imprinted concrete and the quality of our supplies are second to none. We supply everything you need to create beautiful concrete surfaces, from preparation right through to sealing. Our products have been used by hundreds of tradespeople to create thousands of surface, both in the UK and Europe.

Whether your needs are colours, mats, tools, products, or simply some technical on or offsite advice from our team of experts, we’re here to help.

Imprinting Mats

We have a vast selection of imprinting mats for hire and purchase and are always adding to our stock. We also supply multiple designs for borders and features.

With 40+ prints, ranging from the ever-popular Cobble and Ashlar patterns to modern Porcelain and Pacific Boardwalk, options for borders ranging from Brick to Swirl, and features including Compasses, Circles and Medallions, there is sure to be something your client will love.

To see our full range of mats please contact us to create a trade account or download our brochure. Below are a few of our most popular imprinting mats.

Rotating Ashlar and Brick Border

Random Slate

Country Cobble



Old English

Colour Surface Hardener

Our Colour Surface Hardeners are a significantly formulated dry shake designed for the colouring, hardening, and finishing of concrete surfaces.

Easily applied during the floating stage of concrete laying, Creteprint colour hardeners help harden and increase the strength of concrete surfaces, they resist moisture penetration and make surfaces easier to clean as well as prolonging the lifespan of concrete surfaces.

Available in over 20 different colours, there is sure to be something your client will love. Our Colour Surface Hardener can be ordered online in our trade area (please contact us to create an account) or by contacting us via email or phone.

We also stock colour sample cases and pride ourselves on sending large examples of each colour, so you and your customer can clearly make your colour decisions. To request one of these please contact us.

Dove Grey

Slate Grey

Arizona Tan


Concrete Sealing

We are proud to offer a wide range of high quality sealers and revitalisers for imprinted concrete, along with preparatory products.


Lusterseal is available in Matt and Gloss finishes and is perfect for sealing and protecting newly laid concrete or for restoring and resealing older surfaces.

  • Seals and protects from moss and weeds
  • Enhances the colour of the surface and can have colour pigment added
  • Keeps concrete surfaces looking new
  • Provides protection from the weather like sun fading and freeze thaw
  • Reduces the risk of damage or cracks
  • Resistant to chemicals, stains and petrol


Our specially formulated Crete-Grip anti-slip can be easily added to our sealers. Crete-Grip is environmentally friendly and contains finely ground polymer beads which when mixed with Lusterseal enhances grip and provides a safe and slip-resistant surface without affecting appearance. Perfect for sloping driveways, children’s play areas or any surface that’s prone to slipping.

Creteprint Crack Repair Compound

Creteprint Crack Repair Compound is easy to use and designed for producing a hardwearing repair for minor chips and cracks in concrete. It can be mixed with colour pigment to ensure it seamlessly blends into the surface.

Preparation & Cleaning

Preparing the surface correctly is essential to maximising results. Our range of agents, preparation products and cleaning products ensures a high quality finish, achieved with ease.


Creteprint PreWash is used for cleaning surfaces prior to sealing. It removes excess release agent without leaving any harmful residue, as well as removing dirt and grease that can affect the sealant. It’s also great as a standalone product for freshening up surfaces in between resealing them. Our Creteprint Acid Wash will remove left over residue from the imprinting process.

Moss Clear

We also manufacture and supply Creteprint Moss Clear concentrate which is used for the easy removal of moss, algae, mould and dirt on hard surfaces. It can be diluted with water, applied with a garden sprayer and left to work. It is particularly effective to use on concrete, block paving and slabs as well as roof tiles, walls and facias. It can also be used in conjunction with our Crete-Clean foaming surfactant which increases surface retention time particularly on sloping or vertical surfaces.

Wall Gel

Wall gel is used for protecting walls and other surfaces from products.


Our Creteprint Standard Thinners consist of reclaimed solvents and is used for the easy stripping of Creteprint Lusterseal for repairs and resealing. It can also clean your tools and materials.

Release Agents

Antique Release Agent

Creteprint Antique Release Agent is a dry powder used to ease the removal of concrete stamps, texturing skins and tools from the freshly placed concrete or cementitious materials used for imprinting. It has excellent adhesion to concrete surfaces and provides a moisture barrier. Available in a range of colours, it is easy to apply and can be used to provide a stunning two-tone antiquing effect or same colour depending on personal preference. Each 10kg container will cover approximately 60-70sqm.

Liquid Release Agent

Creteprint Liquid Release Agent is used to ease the removal of concrete imprinting stamps, texturing skins and tools from the freshly placed concrete or cementitious materials used to imprint. It is easy to apply and through spraying Liquid Release onto the concrete surface, mats and tools, it provides easy release with no sticking and prolongs the curing time of concrete . Colour pigmentation can be added to provide two-tone effect.

The Right Tools For The Job

​We supply for sale and hire a vast range of tools and equipment. We are continually expanding and updating our range.

We also supply a wide range of drainage solutions from recessed manhole covers to channel drains suitable for both foot and road traffic providing discrete drainage coming in a range of designs. Whether your project is domestic or commercial, we have something for all drainage requirements

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