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View our huge range of pattern imprinted concrete materials from colour surface hardeners and release agents to our cleaning products and sealants. Everything you need from start to finish of the job.

Rockbond is our new resin bound system combining a two part polyurethane resin with dried natural aggregate to produce a beautiful natural looking surface requiring low maintenance. Take a look at our extensive range of dried aggregates and resins as well as mixers and hand tools.

Lusterseal finish.jpg

Manufactured by ourselves our Lusterseal range is one of the best in the industry, for tired and old looking surfaces as well as brand new jobs, Lusterseal will leave a professional and durable finish with ease. Take a look at the range of products for the finish you desire.


We have a range of products for tarmac restoration and revitalisation, for tired and old looking tarmac or freshly laid asphalt our tarmac sealers and revitalisers are sure to improve the appearance and prolong the lifespan of your tarmac.

Smoothing Concrete

From imprinted concrete hand tools and imprinting mats to resin bound tools and forced action mixers, we have a huge range available for hire and/or purchase.

deck drain.jpg

We have an extensive drainage range from recessed manhole covers to channel drains suitable for both foot and road traffic providing discrete drainage coming in a range of designs, take a look for your drainage requirements.

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