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Tarmac Revitaliser and Sealer


    Creteprint Tarmac Revitaliser and Sealer is a safe and easy to use product. Can be applied to any tarmac or asphalt surface and will seal and protect your tarmac, prolonging its lifespan whilst giving it that 'just laid' look only fresh tarmac has. Creteprint Tarmac Revitaliser is easy to apply by roller, brush or squegee.  Normal coverage is 40sqm per 20kg pail dependant on surface condition, see label for more information.


    • Seals and protects tarmac/asphalt
    • Easy to use 
    • Rejuvinates 'old looking' tarmac/asphalt
    • Excellent coverage
    • Fume-free and environmentally friendly
    • Available in other colours


    One coat is normally sufficient but a second coat may be necessary on porous and old tarmac.  We recommend that tarmac is sealed every 12-24 months to keep your tarmac in good condition. Do not confuse this product with cheaper tarmac paints. 


    For any further information please contact us.

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